Isnin, 23 Disember 2019

Expecting Gradution

Final draft of my student’s Farid PhD thesis. Reading it slowly while having coffee and eating #homemade lempeng with sardine. Farid is aiming for GOT (graduate on time) in 2020, he is now just over his two years of his HLP scholarships. InsyaAllah I believed he can do it as he is very consistent with his work. As for me.. he will be my 12th doctorate graduate in my 11 years of serving USM. How time flies... For today.. I’m on leave.. going for Eryna’s pendaftaran KAFA.. going to send kain for baju raya to tailor 🤭🤭.. then a little bit of packing for Trengganu later this week.. My #bff is getting married.. 🥰🥰 


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