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Using Google apps for Productivity

Selain dari latihan-latihan yang dirancang oleh pihak USM, saya juga boleh menjalankan latihan mengikut keperluan institusi-institusi pengajian (IPTS, IPTS, Politeknik, Kolej Komuniti, IPG dllg). Salah satunya adalah Using Google apps for Productivity. Jadual Perjalanan Bengkel adalah seperti di bawah,

8.30am – 9.00 am
A Brief Introduction to Google Apps
1.       Google Mail
2.       Hangouts
3.       Calendar
4.       Google +
5.       Drive
6.       Docs
7.       Sheets
8.       Forms
9.       Slides
10.   Sites
-          Function of Calendar
-          How to create calendar
-          Syncing Calendar
-          Notification
-          Invites Collaborators
-          Mobile Calendar
10.30am – 1.00pm
1.       Introduction to Google Drive
-          Storage
                                                               i.      How to upload file
                                                              ii.      How to store file
                                                            iii.      How to make folders
-          Sharing
                                                               i.      Sharing setting
                                                             ii.      Shared by me
                                                            iii.      Shared with me
2.       Docs
-          Open a google docs
-          Open an existing docs
-          Choosing templates
-          Giving file names, working on the docs
-          How to download
-          Publish to the web function (Sharing setting)
-          Collaboration tools
                                                               i.      How to collaborate (by email/link)
                                                              ii.      How to comment
                                                            iii.      How to chat within the docs
                                                            iv.      Editing tools (Edit, Suggest, View)
-          Publish to the web (link and embed)
2.00pm – 3.30pm
1.       Sheets
a.       What is google sheets?
b.      Features in sheets
c.       Upload sheets/Open new sheets
d.      Download sheets
e.      Collaboration tools (same as docs)
2.       Slides
a.       What is google slides?
b.      Features in slides
c.       Upload sheets/Open new slides
d.      Download slides
e.      Collaboration tools (same as docs)
3.       Forms
a.       Functions of google forms
b.      Creating a google form
o   Add title/descriptions
o   Add questions in various format
·         Multiple Choice
·         Paragraph text
·         Text
·         Checkbox
·         Choose from a list
·         Scale
·         Grid
·         Date
·         Time

o   Add section/page & function of both
o   Change theme/View live form
o   Sharing Forms
o   View response
·         Download response
Activities Using Google Drive
-          Create a document/form using all the functions
-          Share with other participants
-          Comment within the document
-          Differentiate between own editing with others
-          Share to the public (share link & how to embed the docs)
-          Share with the instructor and other participants


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