Isnin, 27 Ogos 2007


Today i just couldn't help myself.. I am so sad and I'm crying in my lab!! I feel like going home and i don't think I can work properly, but my students need me. I feel so awful, my tears keep coming down, and my students are watching me from distance!! At the moment I'm still in my lan and I am writing this to hopefully ease my tears... i want to keep my mind away from whatever that makes me sad.. but it is so hard..

i looked at my face in my build in webcam... i indeed look so awful.. my eyes are red and swollen.. and I feel so embarrased.. how could i go to work with this puffy face. I intended to stay at home this morning but suddenly remembered I am having a doctor appointment tomorrow morning... so, I need to go to work this morning. Anyway, after taking the photo of my horrible eyes using my webcam... I couldn't help myself... smiling... it does look horrible.. .

But.. whateverla.... harm already been done..
All my students have seen my *+#@$% face....
hoefully my tears won't fall again later today..
hahaha... padan muka aku!!


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