Jumaat, 19 September 2008

My Baby You - Marc Anthony

p/s.. i would like to dedicate this song to someone.. someone who has always given me courage to go on.. seseorg yg selalu ada.. walau bnyk benar salah & dosaku padanya.. dia masih ada and help me to go on.. you are the reason i could fly... walau apa pun terjadi.. i would like to say thanks.. many2 thanks from deep down of my heart.. hidup ini penuh ranjau duri.. walau dirimu jua sengsara.. kau tetap di sana... terima kasih & maaf setulus hati...

layan lagu ni...


As i look into your eyes
i see all the reasons why
my life's worth a thousand skies
you're the simplest love i've known
and the purest one i'll own
know you'll never be alone

my baby you
are the reason i could fly
and 'cause of you
i don't have to wonder why
baby you
there's no more just getting by
you're the reason i feel so alive
though these words i say are true
they still fail to capture you
as mere words can only do
how do i explain that smile
and how it turns my world around
keeping my feet on the ground

i will soothe you if you fall
i'll be right there if you call
you're my greatest love of all
and makes me feel so alive..

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