Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010


Morning..., originally uploaded by melati.a.

Good Morning from Hospital Pulau Pinang.... What a dull day although
sun is shining brightly.. I'm feeling ok instead of lots of blood
taking & medication injected to my body.. Doctor is thinking to add
some more medication but got to ask his boss first.. Keh3.. Funny..

This morning I saw my roomate crying.. Saw her Sweaping her tears
makes me feels vulnerable.. She's been here for two months already and
don't know whether she'll back to normal life or not...

Apa2 pun bersyukurlah dgn apa yg kita ada.. Dugaan & ujian Allah itu
ada berbagai cara.. Kdg kita diuji dgn kesakitan.. Kdg kita diuji dgn
kesenangan.. Selalunya bila diuji dgn kesakitan kita akan ingat
pdNYA.. Tapi bila diuji dgn kesenangan.. Kita akan lupa...


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