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Isnin, 15 Jun 2009

help me...



1. i'm angry with myself
2. i'm sad
3. i'm clueless
4. i have headache
5. i cry a lot
6. i really need a hug now
7. i really need someone to comfort me now
8. i don't know where i am anymore
9. i don't know what to do
10. i'm still crying
11. i hate being like this
12. god help me
13. i wanna run away
14. help me!
15. help me!
16. help me!
17. i'm lost
18. i'm lost
19. i'm still crying
20. i hate myself
21. i wanna run away
22. why me?
23. i need you!
24. i need you!
25. i need you!
26. please help me!
27. i don't know what to do
28. i think i'm going to be crazy
29. really really crazy
30. where should i go
31. what should i do
32. i am so embarrased
33. what should i do
34. what shouls i do
35. what should i do
36. i don't know how to go on
37. help me
38. help me
39. help me
10. help me...........

this is too much for me to cope with.. life is so cruel..

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