Rabu, 6 Januari 2010


what i did today.. yesterday.. and the day before.. and before...

8 am at work.. then breakfast..
9 am lecture
10-12 pm tutorial in multimedia lab..
12pm in office sorting out my pc problem
12.45pm lunch
1.30pm in office doing i donno what
2-4.30pm tutorial in multimedia lab
4.30-5.10pm in office preparing ppt presentation - unfinished
5.30 at Bakti buying nasi lemak daun pisang RM1
6pm at home eating + kemas pinggan sikit2
7pm shower ++
8pm lipat baju yg bertimbun (unable to finish - coz need to sidai baju yg basuh b4 went to work)
8.30pm sidai baju smbil lipat baju 2 in 1
9pm amend/jahit baju sikit
9++ main petsoc kjab
9++ i feel so tired.. very very tired.. my body feel numb + sick... dunno how to describe it..
12am.. still pusing2 atas katil but i just feel so restless..

7am ++ checkout from evergreen laurel penang
7.45am in usm.. breakfast
8.30am in office doing some urgent work
10.00-12.30pm meeting at PPJJ
12.45-1.45 lunch
2.00pm in office
2.30-5.00pm meeting
5++ accompany hubby gunting rambut
6 tesco buying something (in a hurry)
7pm at home - take a breath for a while
8pm dinner preparation
9pm dinner
9.30-10.45pm meeting with k4n students (finalising financial thingy)
11pm at home.. terus zzzz..

the day before.. and before..
bengkel di evergreen laurel (jumaat new year day - tuesday)
kerja whole week
sunday - can't rember the whole event (morning at kulim)
11 days before sunday - k4n journey (working not honeymooning and very exhausting)
and... the list is long but what i remember is the fact that i had no rest since before raya haji...

God!! i wish i'm not in this condition at the moment... This is all too much.. wish i just can stay at home.. not working...


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