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Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

The Reversible Bucket Bag Sew Along (Stage 2)

Walaupun waktu yg diberikan untuk projek ni panjang la jugak but sesak nafas juga aku nak mengejarnya.. huhu.. I was a bit busy this few weeks, mostly because of work commitment.. so haven't got much time for sewing. Anyway.. at last I was able to get the fabrics gathering stage done and starts with the cutting out pieces just a few hours ago.

My choice of fabrics :)

Using the printed patterns as guide to cut fabrics and fusible fleece & interfacing

there u go.. :P

Pieces of fabric already been cut..

Tak sabar rasanya nak start jahit.. silap2 esok kalau xde kerja sgt aku jahit.. anyway.. next week will be a very busy week. Monday will be MPP Campus Election in USM & all universities in Malaysia. Aku = Pengurus meja pengundian.. haha..so will be working from 7am Monday.. till.. who knows.. but I expect it will be like at 2am the next day baru habis kira undi.. huhu.. So.. expect me to be behind schedule laa... :P


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