Isnin, 6 April 2009

when you give..

when you give something to people.. what do you expect to get in return? i've never think of something in return, except for the pleasure i'ved got when i give something, the good feeling i'm having when people expressed their appreciation.. but even i'ved got nothing in return i still feel good..

I think you also feel the same when u give something.. even when u don't actually give something that u are aware of.. sometimes u give someone love.. unconditional love.. it is something that you seldom think of.. but when u do.. you know, you'll never take back that love.. the love will remain the same even you are far apart.. even when u got nothing in return, even the love hurts you, but the love will also cure you in times..

i will never stop giving.. even sometimes it's hurts me.. nevermind.. it's better to give than to take.. it's better to love than to hate.. it's better to accept than to igmore..

FRIENDS.. wherever u are.. whether i know u or not.. thanks for giving a lot of hopes and courage for me... although i seldom mention it.. i really appreaciate it..

YOU... thanks for giving me everything.. when we are together and when we are far apart.. everyday i feel your existence, your suport and your everything.. even when you're mad of me.. you're giving me something.. something to ponder about my life.. thanks for being you..

i wish i have more to give.. to make people happy.. i wish to be happy.. but it is not that important anymore... as long as i can make other people happy.. i hope it will show in me...

5.18am.. penang..

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